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Everything is better when you're part of a TEAM!

This is our TEAM!

We have a very different approach to Wellness and Plant-Based Medicine...

Our mission is to Educate and Treat at the Core (root) of what ails you.


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Bill Richard

Mr. Bill Richard, the current Chief Operating Officer and

Co-Founder of Blue Basin Canna, LLC, is a visionary leader

who was driven to establish the company after witnessing

the shortcomings of current pharmaceutical interventions
while dealing with issues of Mental Health. 
His motivation

was aided by witnessing the tragic and countless loss of life
throughout his Mental Health career.

His deep-rooted commitment to addressing these issues
led to the founding of Blue Basin Canna, reflecting his
dedication to offering alternative solutions for Mental Health

and Pain Management issues through Cannabinoid Therapy.
With a rich background in addiction counseling,

including founding the Counseling Center of Acadiana,

Acadiana Addiction Center, Solutions Recovery Center,

and The Healing Link Recovery.

Mr. Richard has delved into the exploration of Trauma

Based Therapy and the healing potential of Cannabinoids.
As a Masters Level Addiction 
Counselor and a Diplomat in the
American Psychotherapy Association and certified with
The American College of Certified Forensic Counselors, Mr.

Richard has been instrumental in advancing the understanding
and application of cannabis-based medicine.
His 36 year expertise spans research, education, and the

development of  natural alternatives for mental health treatment,
highlighting the therapeutic advantages
of cannabis-based plant medicine in this realm.

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Greg Tyler

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Dwayne Dugas

"Dwayne Dugas, a Church Point native who now lives Carencro, is a remarkable individual who has overcome opioid addiction with the help of Hemp/Cannabis products. His personal journey led him to discover the benefits of Cannabis for pain management. He met Bill while in the throws of his addiction. Dwayne immersed himself in AA/NA recovery yet the physical pain caused by years of using drugs, remained. As a recovering opioid addict, Dugas found relief from his pain through Cannabis, which inspired him to venture into hemp cultivation and possible alternative recovery methods.  In addition to his dedication to this business and the plants many benefits, Dwayne is a motivational leader who has pioneered several small businesses over the years, He is also the owner of a mitigation and roofing  business, showcasing his diverse entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making a positive impact through his work. His passion for the legalization and cultivation of cannabis has taken him to our state's capitol several times over the past two years. He is a leader who understands politics. Politicians are held accountable by him as a result. His desire. understanding, and honesty, (brutal included) make him a force in this industry. Dwayne hasn't stopped here, he continues to research plant-based alternatives and provide education and counseling through he and Bill's therapeutic concept for recovery called "The Healing Link".

"We didn't start this business to make a bunch of money, we started it to help others recover from anything that would hold them back from becoming who they were made to be." 

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